Stacy spent the first decade of life climbing trees and flipping somersaults in the Midwest before moving to Florida with her family. In her teens and twenties she was the girl on the back of the bike; always up for adventures and late night rides with friends across the bridges. It was several years, a few jobs, one college degree, some Army time, and two kiddos later before a friend taught her to ride and she received her endorsement.

Recognizing the need for connection among other women riders, Stacy set out to create Two Wheel Foxies as a way to bring both new and seasoned motorcyclists together. Coupled with her love for two wheels and her passion for giving back, a larger vision took shape to include partnering with businesses and non-profit organizations to raise awareness for causes close to the heart.

When Stacy isn't riding, she's in mama mode raising two super-kiddos. Camping, hiking, and spending time outdoors are a way of life along with a keen interest in photography. She's a terrible cook, can't slice fruit with a kitchen knife, but she can chop firewood with an axe.

"My favorite line from a poem by Rumi says 'Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.' It's a reminder for me to live boldly and hang onto my never-give-up attitude.... And sarcasm, always hang onto the sarcasm."


Dawn is a wife, a parent, Aubrey’s Gramma, wears a suit to her day job, would rather be wrenching, and an all-in Motolady!  She loves adventure and finding what is around the next curve. After many health issues early in life, she has vowed to take advantage of everything life has to offer and live without fear. Although directionally challenged (she gets lost…A LOT!), she is always ready to fire up her Thruxton "Lovee" or her CBR350F Moto and head out - just keep her in the middle!  

“Surround yourself with good people, love all of them without reservation, chase your dreams, and realize that everything else is window dressing!”


Kristen has always been a motorhead. It's in her blood. She comes from a pool of mechanics and seamstresses; a second generation Floridian. She was born and raised in Polk County as a country girl listening to David Allen Coe and Patsy Cline, playing in mud puddles, and traipsing through orange groves. As an adult, her "family" is the same; mechanics and seamstresses. Motorheads.

"Everyone has a moto story. Good, bad, whatever. Front seat, back seat, or just being around the moto culture - you get it. There's beauty in freedom and no matter your influence, if you ride you understand. These girls are the best friends I've ever had! We ride hard, we get dirty, and we get shit done. We support women. We support men. We are a part of a growing revolution and embrace it with force. I am Kristen. Some people call me Piston, some call me Tits & Hair. Either way, let's ride!"



Kerri was born the youngest of three. Her teenage parents soon decided that the open road was a much better place to raise three young kids than Miami. Kerri has always felt the call deep in her bones. She attempted to satisfy her wanderlust by joining the Navy. After four and a half years, she decided perhaps "The Great Mitten" called Michigan would be a better fit. Turns out, she hates the cold. What a better way to satisfy her lust for wandering and need to eat every three hours than to chase buffets in Central Florida on her Ducati Scrambler. The Two Wheel Foxies have vowed to stay by her side and leave no roadside salad bar undiscovered and no taco truck untasted.


This is Erynn. "Danger in the shape of something wild. That child in the city. Runnin' wild and runnin' pretty. Helmet hair forever. Pennsylvania-born. Florida livin'. Knees to the breeze. Drop a gear and disappear! 





Sabrina is a vintage motorcycle enthusiast, sports car freak, black coffee lover, model, and entrepreneur. She is the creator of the fun children’s motorcycle vest brand Clutch Kid™ at and is also a mommy to a beautiful 6-year-old-son. She grew up in Clearwater Beach, FL and went to school for music business in Los Angeles. She loves live music and her favorite musical group is Hall & Oates. Sabrina is a women blazing trails and loves riding with anyone who has a passion for motorcycles!

When asked for a quote, her response, "I can't stand sitting!" Yeah. Just try keeping up with this one.


Her name is Sara and she is proud to call herself a Foxie. She has been on the back of bike ever since she was able to swing her leg over one, but needed to be the one riding - not a passenger. She is a 25-year-old full-time law school student in the Tampa Bay Area and she loves anything with two wheels. Her fiancé, Madisson, shares the same love and passion which is how they met. The first date was playing tag on the bikes!  Her first motorcycle was a 1979 Honda CB400T. Sara says it was her first love. Her favorite thing to do was bet strangers money in exchange for attempting to kickstart the bike on the first try. She never lost a single bet. It gave her such a big smile when onlookers watched her put all 110 pounds into kicking her over and hearing the motor roar.

In September of 2014, Sara realized she was outgrowing her first love and needed to swing her leg over bigger bike. That led her to good ol’ Murphee, her 1980 CB750. "You know the thing called Murphy’s Law, right? I think it goes: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong? Yeah… that’s how Murphee got her name. One engine rebuild, one top end rebuild after that, some timing issues, too many freaking blown gaskets to keep track of, and she’s almost there." In the meantime, Sara managed to get joint custody of the first Harley-Davidson that actually turned her head. She’s typically her daily rider and she loves whipping that 883r around like it’s nobody’s business. And on top of that, her buddy Grant at Revolutionary Customs helped her find a new little lady, Penelope, a 1971 Honda CL450 scrambler. Sara surprised Madisson with her one day after a business trip.

"Three months later, he proposed to me. Coincidence? I’ll let you decide. All in all, if there’s one thing I can say about my life, it’s that it has only become better with two wheels. It has opened up a door to such a beautiful, loving, friendly community that spans not only my backyard, but across the world. Strangers become family within the moto community, and to me that’s a beautiful thing. All I can say is knees to the breeze, and if you haven’t had two wheels under you yet, it’s never too late to start. Ride on, my beautiful family. It’s an honor to call myself a Two-Wheel Foxie, and I’ll see you out on the road."


Barb grew up an only sibling to a older brother.  Her attitude was "whatever you can do, I can do better." That might not have been exactly true, but it's how she was able to ignore gender sterotypes of what activities girls should and should not be doing. She played baseball, football, hockey, surfed, skateboarded, and played electric guitar in rock bands. She had no time for playing with barbies and doing nails and makeup. She recently purchased a 2006 Suzuki Blvd S40; a bike that is perfect for the vertically-challenged with a nice low saddle. It has enough power for the wind to give you a temporary facelift and it's able to be easily modified to bobber, which is her goal. It was the joy of riding and community of like-minded women that brought her to join the Two Wheeled Foxies. 

"I can't wait to meet new people, go on new adventures and share the freedom and excitement of riding with others. My name is Barb, born in CT, raised in FL...enjoying the ride. LONG LIVE THE FOXIES!"


Jen grew up an only child, outside playing, dirt neck kid. Her dad was stationed in Hawaii so her first memories of motorcycles were riding on the tank of his old Bultaco through jungles, along cliff edges, and if it was a clear path, there was usually a wheelie followed by a "don't tell Mom." He did some amature motorcross racing, too. Jen and her family moved back to the mainland - the Midwest of all contrasting places, but they still had dirt. By 4th grade, she had both a YZ 80 and a CR 75 (her first 4-stroke). They would camp long weekends at motocross tracks. Jen was the only girl most of the time and all the kids would play on little jumps and tracks while her dad pushed her on the big trail rides - up steep faces with overhanging lips, over and over tumbling backwards down the hill until she figured out the finesse of letting off at the top, throwing your weight forward and then punching it. There were so many adventures where Jen cried, dad yelled, and she finally would do it without a wipeout. When she got back to camp all the other kids at the little track were amazed she went with the grownups. Jen loved the sound of her 4-stroke rumbling and popping among all the little zingers. Her dad's high school buddy owned a cycle shop so she spent hours hanging out in a showroom or the garage while he "babysat." By 15, her bike was too small and there was nothing bigger she could fit on and reach the ground. Jen was easily distracted by volleyball, softball, swimming, fishing, kayaking, and horseback riding so she just moved on.

"Decades later, my dad retired his helmet and I had his Triumph shipped here. My first bike since I was 16 is a 96' Thunderbird. I've got an 866 that I can actually touch the ground on. Who knew?! While scattered with multiple interests, I still love the extension of power through the roll of the wrist and feeling like the wheels are my super hero legs. My achy knees remind me there will be no high flying jumps, but it's still pretty great!"

Cortney. She's been known to party. She's also been known to ride her scoot scoot.

"I love riding. I love the views and smells that I'm able to enjoy while on two wheels. I love riding with my friends every chance I get and feel like it's honestly one of my favorite moments. The laughter. The good times. I can say I am extremely fortunate for the people I surround myself with and ride with. Ride hard or go home 'cause I'm not slowing down!"




Rachel's life moto: "Dp what scares you." The only decisions she has ever regretted are the safe ones. Now that her kids are all grown, Rachel is taking her 20's back. She rides because the road is equitable. If she is competent, it's nothing but joy and freedom. If she is not competent or paying attention, the lesson is harsh and unflinching, and Rachel is okay with that.